Man drowns with winning lottery ticket in his pocket

The victim allegedly drowned with a winning lottery ticket in his pocket in the amount of $ 45,000. The accident occurred in Caseville, Michigan.

On Friday, September 24, a 57-year-old man was found dead on a beach in the town of Caseville, Michigan, with a winning lottery ticket in his pocket , The New York Post reports  . The investigators “concluded in an accidental death by drowning”, one explains in the columns of the newspaper  Le Progrès . 

“He’s a great guy, he was there every day,” said the bar owner. When he won  he was “super excited,” she commented. Before his death, Gregory Jarvis had just won $ 45,000 (or about 38,000 euros) in the Club Keno lottery in the bar “The Blue Water  on September 13, but the man was unable to cash his winnings. He was waiting for the renewal of his Social Security card to recover the jackpot.

As explained by our colleagues, those who win winnings of more than 600 dollars at the “Michigan Lottery” must present their photo ID and their “up to date” Social Security card to leave with their check.

He couldn’t take advantage of his win … A 57-year-old man was found dead on a beach in the town of Caseville, Michigan, USA with a ticket in his pocket winner at Club Keno, an American lottery reports the New York Post .

$ 45,000

Investigators concluded an accidental death by drowning and explained that the winner was unable to withdraw his prize worth $ 45,000 (or around 38,000 euros) because he was awaiting the renewal of his Social Security card. .

Indeed, for sums of more than 600 dollars at the “Michigan Lottery”, the winners must present to the authorities their photo ID and their up-to-date Social Security card.

The unfortunate man did not have time to receive this new Social Security card to pocket his winnings and drowned.

The body of Gregory Jarvis, 57, was found Friday, September 24, on a beach in Caseville, Michigan, United States. It was discovered by a local resident near his boat.

It must be said that the man had been missing for a few days. But above all, he had won a few days earlier the jackpot of a Club Keno lottery amounting to 45,000 dollars , or about 40,000 euros in the Blue Water bar on September 13.

He had even been photographed with his winning ticket, as reported by ABC12.

The winning ticket found in his pocket

The police logically investigated the death to be sure it was not a heinous crime. But the winning ticket was found in his wallet which was in his pocket.

An autopsy confirmed that he had died by drowning and the accident thesis was favored. 

“We believe he was mooring his boat, slipped and fell, and hit his head,” Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek said, according to ABC7 Chicago .

The autopsy shows that the head injuries are compatible with an accident before his drowning.

The last time the man was seen, it was at the hostel where he had played and won the jackpot of this lottery on September 19th. He had paid for tours for everyone before he left. It was surely that night that he must have fallen from his boat.

He couldn’t cash out his winnings

He had tried to cash his winnings before his death, but according to the directives in force for this lottery, beyond a certain amount, you must present an identity document as well as a social security card.

However, his insurance card was in very poor condition and had not been accepted to withdraw his earnings.

He had therefore requested a new one and while waiting to receive it, he carefully kept the winning ticket in his wallet in his pocket.

He was planning to go see his family with the money

According to the bar manager, who describes the victim as a regular and a “nice, nice guy”, “he intended to use that money and go see his sister and father in North Carolina “.

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