Dwight, AD downplay confrontation in Lakers’ loss to Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tough spot for their second game. Their preseason was a big failure. However, fans expected a rebound in the regular season. But a disappointing loss for the Warriors also saw those hopes crumble. Now, they’ll be desperate to find ways to win as they face the Phoenix Suns in their second game of the regular season.

Like the Lakers, the Suns also suffered a loss in their opener. They lost to reigning MVP Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets. While this game has seen some twists and turns, it is clear that the stars are not yet settled. But the Suns have had an encouraging history with the Lakers since last season. However, this time they face a stronger, healthier LA team hungry for victory.

With the Suns in the lead, the Lakers had a botched second quarter. With high frustrations, AD and Dwight Howard appeared to be having a close altercation.

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Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard fight on the Lakers bench

Just before the time out, Howard was unhappy on the floor. He was arguing with Rondo and didn’t seem to be happy about something. So, while on the Lakers bench, Davis was talking to Dwight. It was then that the center stood up and AD put her hands on it, causing the others to separate. Before even going to the ground, the two had to be separated from each other.

A real playmaker battle takes place at the Lakers-Suns game. Chris Paul and Westbrook both take on the job of game creators and shake things up for their team. For the Suns, Paul has already collected 10 halftime assists with 11 points . Booker scored near the end and has 8 at halftime. Bridges does it at both ends of the field with 12 points to go with 2 interceptions while holding the “King”.

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For the Lakers, Westbrook has already put in a better performance since the last game. He currently has 8 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. LeBron James is struggling and hasn’t played much of the second quarter. Anthony Davis had a bad night with just 4 points shooting at 20% from the field. Bench shows up tonight as they combine for 16 points in halftime.

With the Suns holding a solid lead, do you think the Lakers are going to make a successful comeback and turn things around? Let us know in the comments below.

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