Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Back as an Open Relationship?

What if they went back and forth in an intermittent relationship, if they broke up permanently but still maintain a great friendship despite everything and for the sake of the daughter they have in common (little Stormi) practicing co-parenting … It is true that only they, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, know what kind of love they profess, but there is a new hypothesis: that both have agreed to be an open couple.

As reported by the TMZ portal, the influencer and businesswoman and the musician would have said goodbye to monogamy and would be seeing other people without having the need to cut their idyll, an idea that is increasingly in vogue among young people…

According to a source close to them (he is a friend of both) has clarified to the North American media, yes, the two are dating, but that is not preventing them from also meeting third parties outside the relationship. “They have rekindled the old flame and are dating again, but they are also free to go out with other people. To be honest … they are in an open relationship,” he confessed.

Do not forget that very recently, Kylie Jenner traveled to Miami, Florida, from the other end of the United States (Los Angeles, California) to be with Travis in the celebration of his birthday, at which point they were seen quite caramelized and sharing complicities.

In addition, recently Kylie Jenner spoke to the press about the possibility that Stormi, 3, will follow in the future in her footsteps and become a businesswoman, explaining that she is doing her best to be a woman with values, although her A priority is to ensure that he is free to pursue whatever he is as long as his wishes are fulfilled.

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