US: Facebook removes Trump interview from stepdaughter’s page

CENSORSHIP – Banned from the social network since the assault on the Capitol on January 6, Donald Trump recently saw one of his interviews be deleted by Facebook. The video in question was posted on behalf of his beautiful daughter, Lara Trump.

Donald Trump, always persona non grata on Facebook. After the invasion of the Capitol by his supporters, which he incited by shouting about electoral fraud, the former US president was banned from the platform. This suspension, supposed to last at least until the end of his mandate, has still not ended. Result, the Republican billionaire does not have access to his account. Worse, the executives of Facebook seem to have taken to the idea of ​​removing all the content with which it could be associated. Tuesday, March 30, the giant created by Mark Zuckerberg withdrew the interview that Donald Trump had granted to his daughter-in-law Lara.

Lara Trump, wife of former head of state Eric’s son, recently joined Fox News as a contributor. She had, in recent days, announced an interview with her stepfather for his own online show “The Right View” in Instagram posts. 

“A step towards Orwell’s 1984”?

Soon, the person concerned received a warning from the social media giant: “Content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is currently not allowed on our platform and will be removed if it is published, which will result in additional limitations on the accounts that published it .  

A second email then confirmed the removal of the offending content: “In accordance with the block that we have placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, additional content posted in Donald Trump’s voice will be removed and will result in limitations.” Censorship that Lara Trump has tasted very little. “And just like that, we take Orwell one step closer to 1984. Wow,” she blasted in reference to the British author’s “Big Brother”.

Asked by BC News , a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the deletions. 

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