United States: Trump’s first visit to New York since leaving the White House

The former president quietly arrived on Sunday, March 7 in New York, where he owns a triplex at the top of the Trump Tower.

The former US president was only seen briefly upon his arrival on Sunday evening. Donald Trump was back in his native New York on Monday March 8, the first visit since leaving the White House during which he seemed to want to keep a low profile: only a photo from the New York Post showing him waving his hand from the back of a car was broadcast.

At midday, around 20 supporters of the billionaire demonstrated peacefully at the foot of the Trump Tower, flanked by dozens of police officers. Some carried a “We Love Trump” banner, while others flew a giant “Trump 2024” flag. “For two weeks, Trump has been teasing us”  about a possible candidacy in 2024 , said Dion Cini, one of the organizers of the rally. “No more joking, let’s be serious: we want him to be a candidate in 2024 , we want him to serve two terms,” ​​he added.

No one among those supporters seemed to know whether the 74-year-old ex-president,  who stepped down on January 20 , would come down to greet them, as he has often done with his supporters. The return of the real estate mogul to New York is for the moment discreet: no official communication on the visit, the schedule and the duration have not been specified. When questioned, the Secret Service, responsible for the protection of former American presidents, did not disclose any information.

Donald Trump accused of fraud

Via social networks, some anti-Trump said they hoped to see the tycoon have trouble with justice during this stay. The Manhattan district attorney and the New York State district attorney are simultaneously investigating suspicions of bank fraud, tax evasion or insurance fraud targeting the billionaire.

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