United States: Donald Trump raised $ 82 million in donation in 2021

Donald Trump’s donation campaign is reaching impressive numbers. The former US president raised $ 82 million in just six months.

His political career seems far from over. The former President of the United States has rebounded financially in the year 2021, raising around $ 82 million in the first half of the year.

A figure “extraordinary for a former president  expelled from social networks “, according to the Washington Post,  relayed by our colleagues from  CNEWS . This amount is almost the same as that of the Republican National Committee with its 84 million euros. Donald Trump  thus has a little more than 100 billion dollars , reserved for his political career. According to CNEWS, the scope of the former White House resident remains quite broad. He can use this money for trips, meetings or to support a candidate.

But these gifts will above all allow him to “restore the truth” , according to him. In a statement, he assures us that this campaign of donations is proof that millions of Americans “share his indignation”. Indeed, one of the arguments to encourage donors to support him remains his stubbornness in wanting to prove that  the last presidential election was rigged .

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