United States: A Grand Jury Tasked With Studying A Possible Future Trial For Donald Trump

Donald Trump is far from having finished with justice. The former US president is indeed at the heart of more than 20 issues, one of which could gain momentum in the coming weeks. In New York, a grand jury will decide whether the Republican should be prosecuted for accounting manipulations within the Trump Organization.

For six months, the panel made up of civilians will study the evidence gathered by prosecutor Cyrus Vance Jr in several cases, including that concerning the former American head of state. As explained by the local media, this new step shows that the justice official is sufficiently confident concerning the elements gathered in the file, otherwise he would not have requested a grand jury meeting. 

If the selected people believe after analysis that the evidence is solid concerning in particular fraud on the tax declarations of the holding company, a trial may be organized. In addition to these accusations, the Washington Post explains that the salaries of some executives are also being examined.


The entire structure of the company is thus targeted by the investigation. There is therefore no indication to date that Donald Trump himself will be taken to court in this case. To obtain an indictment, Cyrus Vance could attack the Trump Organization or some of his collaborators . If this were ever the case, however, the case would be historic, since no American president has ever been indicted in a criminal case in the history of the country. 

Donald Trump, for his part, continues to denounce ” the greatest witch hunt in American history “. In a press release, he assures us that the affair is only political and represents “an affront to the 75 million voters who supported me during the presidential election.” It only remains to wait for the final decision of the grand jury in the coming months. 

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