Trump to remain banned from Twitter, even if he re-runs in 2024

Twitter won’t let Donald Trump come back, regardless of his status. “When you are banned from the platform, you are banned from the platform.”

SOCIAL MEDIA – Persona non grata. While his second impeachment trial opened on Monday, February 8, Donald Trump is not ready to be able to post messages on Twitter again .

The former US president, whose account was deleted from the social network after the events of January 6 on Capitol Hill, will remain banned forever. And this even if he were to run for the US presidential election in 2024, Ned Segal, Twitter’s administrative and financial director (DAF) said on Wednesday.

Asked by CNBC, the latter explained: “When you are banned from the platform, you are banned from the platform. Whether you are a commentator or a former or current public representative ”. Then referring to the platform’s rules, he added: “Our policy is designed to ensure that people do not incite violence. If someone does that, we can’t give them access to the service. And our policy does not provide for going back ”.

Twitter’s decision to delete Donald Trump’s account sparked a stir on the platform and heated debates : could the former president be considered any user?

“I do not feel any pride in the idea that we had to ban Donald Trump”, had entrusted the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey evoking a “failure on our part to promote a healthy conversation”. On Tuesday, during a financial report, he nevertheless assured that the economic stability of the company had not been shaken by the departure of Donald Trump. “We are a company that is much larger than a single topic of conversation or a single account,” said the leader. 

It remains to be seen whether the tycoon of immobilizing him will one day be able to stand for the US presidential election. If at the end of his second impeachment trial , Donald Trump is found guilty of “inciting insurgency”, senators can organize a second vote if they wish, invoking the 14th Amendment. The latter, born of the Civil War, forbids anyone who “participated in an insurrection or rebellion” against the United States to stand for election. No need for the agreement of two thirds of the Senate, a simple majority would then suffice.

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