Trump Organization targeted by criminal investigation

INVESTIGATIONS – The New York State prosecutor announced Tuesday that her office is now conducting a criminal investigation into the company of former United States President Donald Trump.

The New York attorney general’s office is now examining criminal qualifications regarding the company owned by the family of former United States President Donald Trump, a spokesperson for Letitia James said on Tuesday. . ” We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into this organization is no longer solely of a civilian nature ,” Fabien Levy said in a statement. 

” We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization on a criminal basis, in collaboration with the Manhattan prosecutor ,” he added. The latter, a Democrat began several years ago investigations whose progress is carried out confidentially before a grand jury. 

Cyrus Vans takes a look at Donald Trump’s business dealings ahead of his election to the White House. The investigation, started in 2018, was first interested in payments made to two alleged mistresses of the billionaire, before generalizing to allegations of tax fraud, insurance fraud or bank fraud.

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