The 6 p.m. news – United States: those Trump supporters who believe in his revenge

Many pro-Trump supporters believe in the return of the former president who will deliver remarks for the first time since January 6, this Sunday evening.

The former American president will hold his first speech since the inauguration of Joe Biden this Sunday evening in Orlando in front of a conquered audience. He will thus lay some groundwork for a possible candidacy in 2024 , on the occasion of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an ultra-republican conference, where many supporters came to support him.  

In Sunday dress, well dressed, five friends are stamping impatience before Donald Trump’s speech  . Aged between 18 and 19, they got to know each other on the Internet and come from all over the country: from Texas, but also from North Carolina and Florida. 

What are they waiting for? A speech of revenge, because these young activists have a hard tooth against the anti-Trump Republicans . This is the case of Ricky: “I will never vote for politicians who do not put America, God and my community first”. 

Trump “is perfect for the United States”

For them, Donald Trump has been a great president and he can become so again. To explain their attachment, they sometimes have stranger arguments . “He’s funny, he has good jokes, but above all he’s a good president: he’s perfect for  the United States, ” explains a fervent activist.

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