Rush Limbaugh, America’s Most Influential Radio Host, Is No Longer

PORTRAIT – For thirty years, this radiophonic figure has been able to bring together millions of listeners with his anti-system discourse.

Famous American radio host Rush Limbaugh, a conservative right-wing figure on the airwaves for more than four decades and staunch supporter of Donald Trump, has died at the age of 70, his family announced on his Facebook page. “He supported me from the start. A great gentleman, ” Donald Trump greeted by phone on Fox News. Rush Limbaugh revealed last February that he had advanced lung cancer on his radio show.

For the past 30 years,  he was America’s most influential radio host , listened to by 15 million listeners every week . A controversial figure, he has regularly been accused of spreading false information and conspiracy theories. He has often tapped, while caricaturing them, on all those who exasperate him : the left,   moderate Republicans , the media, women, homosexuals …

Far from political correctness

“Rush Limbaugh entertained listeners by mercilessly mocking and slandering anyone who did not look like his typical listener:  straight, white, conservative, and male . And that cruelty eventually became a central pillar of modern conservatism,” responded in a response. release Angelo Carusone, CEO of Media Matters for America, a media observatory marked left.

Never entertaining any guest, giving only his opinion, Rush Limbaugh offered shelter to a part of America that feels neglected , looked down upon. And far from reassuring her, he threw oil on the fire. Recently, the host thundered against the containment put in place in the United States to stem the Covid-19 pandemic.

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