NATO: the challenges of the summit which opens in Brussels

Joe Biden arrived in Brussels (Belgium) to participate in the NATO summit, which opens Monday, June 14. The US president wants to revive the transatlantic alliance, battered by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The NATO summit opens Monday, June 14, in Brussels, Belgium, in which US President Joe Biden is participating for the first time. “There are issues, but also images. The first is that of the reunion between Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Relations between France and Turkey, a member of NATO, have been more than tense for several years. month, the number 1 Turkish having in particular wondered about the mental health of his French counterpart “ , recalls the journalist Jeff Wittenberg, live from Brussels.

A NATO to “revive”

Joe Biden, who arrived in Belgium on Sunday May 13, will also find Emmanuel Macron, after the G7 summit in which both participated, in the United Kingdom. “The American president wants to revive NATO, which Emmanuel Macron had judged ‘brain dead’ a few months ago. It is therefore necessary to give it back a meaning, 70 years after its creation after the Second World War” , concludes Jeff Wittenberg.

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