Joe Biden thinks Vladimir Putin is “a killer”

In an interview broadcast this Wednesday, March 17 by ABC, the American president shows great firmness towards Moscow and his Russian counterpart.

UNITED STATES – The words are short but the accusations are strong. In an exclusive interview with ABC News , Joe Biden replied in the affirmative to the question of journalist, George Stephanopoulos, asking him if he thought  Vladimir Putin was “a killer”. “Yes, I think so”, he replied, nodding, before adding in the form of threat: “You will soon see the price he will pay”.

“We had a long conversation him and I, I know him quite well,” said the Democratic leader, who seems to want to display a greater firmness towards the master of the Kremlin than his predecessor in the White House  Donald Trump . 

“Be ready”

Regarding Moscow’s electoral interference, which according to a brand new report by US authorities recurred in 2020, the US president also said that Vladimir Putin “will pay the consequences”.

“At the beginning of the conversation, I said to him: ‘I know you and you know me, if I come to the conclusion that you have done this, be ready’”, he reported, without specifying s ‘he was referring to interference or other acts alleged on the American side in Moscow, in particular the poisoning of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny , then his incarceration in an ultra-secure prison in Prokov, 100 km from Moscow.

“It’s hysteria due to helplessness. Vladimir Poutine is our president and an attack against him, it is an attack against our country ”, retorted for his part, on his Telegram account, Vyacheslav Volodine, the president of the lower house of the Parliament and influential close to the Russian president.

Russia also denounced accusations of electoral interference on Wednesday. This report is incorrect, completely unfounded and without evidence, ”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. “Russia did not interfere in the previous elections” of 2016 which resulted in the victory of Donald Trump “and it did not interfere in the elections of 2020 ″ won by Joe Biden, he assured . According to him, this report is a “pretext to put back on the agenda the question of new sanctions” against Russia.

Washington has already sanctioned at the beginning of March seven senior Russian officials in response to the poisoning of the opponent Alexeï Navalny, for which the American intelligence services attribute the responsibility to Moscow. 

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