In the United States, the first name Donald has never been so unpopular

The former president’s first name ranked 610th in 2020, its worst ranking since 1880.

The first name Donald, collateral victim of Trump’s passage at the head of the United States ? Obviously yes, according to the US Social Security Administration. The independent agency has published its latest list of the most popular first names across the Atlantic for the year 2020. 

It is clear that that of the former President of the United States has never been so low since the creation of the ranking in 1880. Already very poorly ranked in 2019 (555th), Donald lost 55 places to find himself at the top. 610th place last year. Thus, 444 newborns received this first name in 2020, against 507 a year earlier and 539 in 2018.

A continuous fall which even takes on the appearance of a tumble if we go back further. In 1934, Donald was sixth in the ranking (30,408 boys, and even 110 girls). And in 1946, the year the former head of state was born, Donald was thirteenth. That year, more than 26,000 babies were named so.

Same thing for the first name of former presidents 

But let the businessman be reassured. The first names of his predecessors also suffered some setbacks. This was the case for Ronald in the days of Reagan, Richard under Nixon, Gerald under Ford or even George under Bush.

But if the first name Donald suffered from Trump’s tenure, what about those of the multi-billionaire’s family? Here too, their decline is notable, as our colleagues from the  American HuffPost point out . Melania, the first name of the ex-president’s wife, has disappeared beyond the 1000th place. For the record, he was one of those who had the most impressive increase in newborns in 2017 (making his entry directly into the top 1000, at 933rd place).

In her children, on the other hand, it is slightly different. While Tiffany and Eric both fell (from 696th to 792nd for first and 176th to 198th for second), the curve for Barron and Ivanka’s first names is stagnant. 106 Ivanka babies were born in 2020, against 95 in 2019, 97 in 2018 and 165 in 2017 (record for the first name in question). The same goes for Barron, with 134 newborns in 2020 against 107 in 2019, 121 in 2018 and 136 in 2017 (again a record).

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