Emmanuel Macron promotes his economic reforms in a factory in the Hautes-Pyrénées

“We can become a great industrial nation again” , assured the Head of State in front of a hundred employees.

Emmanuel Macron again defended, Friday, July 16, his reforms and the recovery plan during a visit to a factory of the Spanish railway group CAF in Bagnères-de-Bigorre (Hautes-Pyrénées). “We can become a great industrial nation again” , assured the head of state in front of a hundred employees.

“We have become competitive again” thanks to the “gains from the reforms” carried out since the start of the five-year term, in particular that of taxation with “the reduction in corporate tax and the abolition of the ISF” , he said. he congratulated. “We don’t have an industry if there is no investment.”

Assistance of 700,000 euros

Emmanuel Macron praised CAF’s “industrial commitment” , which plans to invest 25 million euros in its Bagnères plant, which will increase its workforce to nearly 400 people by 2026 against 120 currently.

This investment plan was one of 22 projects announced as part of the 4th Choose France forum which was held on June 28 at the Palace of Versailles to extol the attractiveness of France. It will receive assistance of 700,000 euros as part of the recovery plan of some 100 billion euros to get out of the Covid-19 crisis.

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