Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani loses his license after his lies about the presidential election

The New York State Supreme Court has banned Rudy Giuliani from practicing law until further notice, denouncing the “ravages” of lies about the presidential results.

Accused, among other things, of having tarnished “the reputation of the whole profession”. Donald Trump’s lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been suspended by the New York State Supreme Court, where he will no longer be able to practice law until further notice, for making a series of statements falsehoods in order to promote the re-election of the former US president.

The documents in the file do not specify who seized the Attorney Grievance Committee, at the origin of the procedure, but according to the New York Times it would be “dozens” of new lawyers. prominent Yorker.

After the US presidential poll of November 3, 2020, Rudy Giuliani became the symbol of Donald Trump’s fight to try to invalidate, without presenting tangible elements, the results of the election , which gave his opponent Joe Biden the winner. .

The former mayor of New York (1994-2001), now 77, pleaded unsuccessfully before the courts in several key states to have the poll canceled.

The committee recalled that the lawyer in his seventies had notably suggested, before a court in Pennsylvania , that the election had been the subject of fraud, while he had only seized this same court on technical questions.

He was also criticized for claiming that thousands of bulletins related to deceased people had been counted in Pennsylvania, an allegation that was never substantiated.

The committee also refers to accusations made by Rudy Giuliani about the polls in Georgia and Arizona.

“We can only insist on the seriousness of the faults” of Rudy Giuliani, wrote the Court in a decision rendered this Thursday, June 24 . “This country is ravaged by attacks aimed at the legitimacy of the 2020 election and of our current president, Joseph R. Biden”, continued the five magistrates who compose it.

“The false statements aim to erode confidence in our elections and in the government in general,” the ruling states. When they are made by a lawyer, they “tarnish the reputation of the whole profession”.

Finally, the Court also cited the events of January 6 , during which rioters, mostly supporters of Donald Trump, invaded the Capitol in Washington. For the magistrates, they show “the extent of the damage that can occur when the public is deceived by false information about the election”.

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