At the Mexican border, Donald Trump comes out of his media retreat and attacks immigration

After several months of virtual silence, the former US president accused Joe Biden of letting “millions” of undocumented migrants enter the country, during a visit Wednesday at the foot of the wall on the border with the Mexico.

“very dangerous” border , “a sick country” : Donald Trump has lost none of his anxiety-provoking rhetoric in five months of “retirement” spent in his luxurious residences in Florida and New Jersey. Rediscovering the alarmist accents of the anti-immigration speech which had brought him to the White House, the Republican this Wednesday, June 30 chipped the migration policy of his successor Joe Biden, while letting hover the possibility of a new presidential candidacy in 2024. 

It was in front of an unfinished section of high metal barrier, erected in Pharr, Texas, near a border crossing, that the former president concluded his first major field visit since leaving the House. White. Alongside the governor of Texas Greg Abbott, elected officials and Texas sheriffs wearing their cowboy hats, he came to “admire” the border wall erected in this valley of the Rio Grande under his presidency.

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