What if Dwayne Johnson was a presidential candidate?

The Rock is seriously considering it, provided the people want it. Ready for a duel with Joe Biden?

UNITED STATES – Dwayne Johnson future President of the United States? In any case, this is what the actor suggested in the columns of the USA Today daily this Monday, February 15. “I would consider running for president if that’s what the people wanted. I really mean it, and I’m not at all flippant in my answer. It would be up to the people to decide, ”he explained.

The former wrestler is currently promoting his semi-autobiographical television series “Young Rock” in which he notably competes in the 2032 presidential election in the United States. A fictitious candidacy which could therefore become real if the American people so decide. 

The Rock “can have an influence”

This is not the first time that Dwayne Johnson has alluded to the US presidency. In December 2017, the agent Luke Hobbs’ interpreter in “Fast and Furious” told Variety magazine that there was a “real possibility” that he would show up for 2024. “I am very attached to our country and I have deep respect for our people (…) I am currently in a position where I can have an influence ”.

A few months earlier, in May, GQ magazine had already published an article “Dwayne Johnson for President”. The excitement was then gradually mounted among the fans and the actor, “flattered” had reacted in 2018 for Rolling Stone magazine . He tempered by explaining that the office of President of the United States “required years and years of experience at the local level, at the state level and then at the national level”.

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