United States: the police alert on the “possible plan of a militia” to attack the Capitol this Thursday, March 4

Capitol Hill security police warned of “possible plans for a militia” to attack the seat of the US Congress on Thursday. That is two months after the assault on the building.

The Capitol again in the sights of supporters of Donald Trump? This is in any case what fears the police who, in recent hours, got wind of the “possible plan for a militia”. If the authorities have not been more precise, all eyes are on members of Qanon, this conspiratorial movement, convinced that the former president had the presidential election stolen.

“We have obtained information which shows a possible plan by an identified militia to force entry into the Capitol on March 4,” police wrote in a statement, claiming to be “prepared for any potential threats.” “We take this information seriously, ” she said. 

“Given the sensitive nature of this information, we cannot give more details at this stage “, adds the text. However, it is difficult not to see the shadow of Qanon: members of the movement have indeed never accepted the victory of Joe Biden and believe that on March 4, Donald Trump will be invested president of the United States for a second term.

Why March 4?

This date owes nothing to chance: until 1933, the American presidents were invested on March 4, and not on January 20 as is now the tradition. However, if the Democrat was finally invested on January 20, activists still believe that his Republican rival will return to power on Thursday, even if it is difficult to estimate their number.


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