United States: the east of the country is preparing for an invasion of cicadas

The eastern United States will soon experience a rare phenomenon: the invasion of billions of cicadas.

It is a rare and spectacular phenomenon. Billions of cicadas have been lurking underground for almost twenty years, waiting for the right moment to emerge. They will soon invade part of the United States, including the capital Washington. Every 17 years, these “periodic” cicadas come out en masse to the great outdoors to mate, lay eggs and then die.

Melanie Asher, a resident of Bethesda, in the suburbs of  Washington, has  a memory of the invasion of 1987: “It looked like science fiction” before adding that “the ground was covered with cicadas which fell, dead dead. It was really strange, like it came from another world. “

This year, cicadas are expected in May , or perhaps from April depending on the region, in parts of a vast territory stretching from Washington to the east of the state of Illinois, in passing through  Georgia . Melody Merin, a resident of Washington, witnessed the last big wave in 2004: “They just flew everywhere. In the car, they hit the windshield, you couldn’t drive with the windows open.”

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