United States: she donates her kidney to her husband’s ex-wife

In Florida, United States, a woman voluntarily donated her kidney to her husband’s ex-wife, who suffered from severe kidney disease.

Ablended family does not necessarily mean a ruthless war. The proof with this story of transplant in Florida in the United States where a woman gave her kidney to her husband’s ex-wife. 

Debby, 56, entered the operating room just two days after marrying Jim. The latter is worried, his ex-wife, the 59-year-old mother of his children, is in danger. His kidneys are  only functioning at 8%. A brother is indeed a voluntary donor but unfortunately incompatible.

Incredible medical coincidence, the new and the ex-wife are compatible . Debby doesn’t hesitate: “I had to give her a kidney so that she could continue to be a mother, a grandmother. She’s an amazing mother and grandmother.  Every time I see her with them, I feel important, ”says the donor. “She saved my life and I pray for her every day,” says Mylaen, Jim’s ex-wife.

The two women already had a good relationship. Jim’s old and new wife now see each other as sisters.

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