United States: one dead and 99 missing after building collapse in Florida

A building collapsed in Surfside, Florida (United States) on Thursday, June 24. One person died and 99 are missing.

Thursday, June 24, the United States is in shock. At around half past one in the morning, a building collapsed in Surfside, Florida. In a few moments, the twelve floors were reduced to dust. The causes of this disaster are still unknown. Nearly 80 intervention units are mobilized to try to find the 99 missing persons. One person died.

An unstable classified building

In duplex from Washington, the journalist of France Télévisions Agnès Vahramian takes stock of the situation. She reports that according to certain witnesses questioned by the press, “there was work on the roof of this building” . In addition, the building “was classified as unstable according to a geological study by the University of Florida. Indeed, this building, built in 1981 on swamps, was in fact sinking two millimeters a year into the earth. it is this instability coupled with the work which is responsible for the collapse? Of course it is extremely early to say it whereas one always seeks survivors “ , explains the journalist.

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