United States: North Dakota, land of bison and enchanted roads

In this new episode, Lionel Gendron presents North Dakota, a state in the Midwestern United States, bordered to the west by Montana and to the north by Canada. The state is also associated with an important president of the country: Theodore Roosevelt.

Enchanted road, bison, Indian wars, Theodor Roosevelt, as well as a mythical film ( Fargo ) … Welcome to  North Dakota. Lionel Gendron takes us closer to the great outdoors, desert areas, medium-sized towns of this state in the American northwest, where only 760,000 inhabitants live.

The name of the state capital, Bismarck, is in itself a piece of history. By naming their city as the German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, the pioneers of the late 19th century expected to attract immigrants as well as German capital. The rise of the railroad, between the Great Lakes and Washington State, played a major role in opening up the region.

The state is also associated with an important president of the country: Theodore Roosevelt, and his words: “I never would have become president if I had not spent those years in North Dakota”.

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