United States: Joe Biden issues a warning cry on global warming

To combat climate change on American soil, the Biden administration must put out meaningful proposals within the next several weeks.

On the other side of the Atlantic, on this Wednesday, July 20, Joe Biden warns of the irreversible and imminent damage that global warming would cause while Europe undergoes a scorching wave that breaks many temperature records.

A former coal-fired power station in Somerset County, Massachusetts, which is currently being converted to generate wind energy, declared that climate change was “a clear and immediate danger” and “an existential threat to our nation and the world,” prompting President Obama to pay a symbolic visit there.

Joe Biden

With Congress stymied and the Supreme Court imposing restrictions on President Obama’s ability to implement any of his climate change pledges, President Obama added that “the health of our fellow citizens,” “our national security,” and “our economy” were all at risk during his speech under an oppressively hot sun.

It is his duty as president “to act with urgency and resolution when our nation faces obvious and present threats, and that is what climate change is,” he said.

Since Congress isn’t doing anything about the climate crisis, I’m going to do it myself.” The president also stated that his administration would begin making executive steps public in the coming weeks in response to the crisis.

Over the course of the summer, there were a number of new projects.

In contrast to what some of his party’s elected officials are urging him to do, he has not declared a “climate emergency,” which would give him additional political clout.

Gina McCarthy, the president’s national climate adviser, told CNN that the president has “a number of authorities he can utilise and he’s going to work on those and make those announcements.” “You’ll see how they play out over the next weeks.”

She adds that the president prefers to go at his own pace. Among the executive steps he is expected to announce are extra money to help protect regions that are experiencing extreme heat and efforts to enhance wind power output in the United States.

Friends, when I think of climate change, I think of jobs. Wind turbine erecting jobs along the coast. The pylons that hold offshore wind farms to the seabed are made by workers in this industry. As the first specific examples for Americans on Twitter, he gave “well-paying, unionised employment that is here to stay.”

Climate change is a national security issue that “affects our infrastructure,” according to John Kirby, Joe Biden’s director of strategic communications. Determination to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is one of the administration’s claimed commitments to combating climate change.

According to a statement made in April 2021 by Joe Biden, the United States would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52 percent by 2030, relative to 2005 levels.

Joe Biden

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