United States: cicadas invade the country

The United States is currently undergoing an invasion of cicadas. Their presence has not escaped Joe Biden, who has dealt with them.

The cicadas have invaded the United States. The most reckless of them even tried to attack the President of the United States. Before leaving for Europe , Joe Biden felt a cicada land on his neck, which he got rid of with the back of his hand.  ” There was one that got me ,” he joked. The insects even managed to invest the reactors of the presidential plane, delaying its departure. 

Harmless insects

These cicadas are 5 centimeters, exist only in the United States and are completely harmless. They spend their larval life underground for years, hence their nickname zombie cicada. They hatch only once every 17 years: an  extraordinary and spectacular spectacle. ” By emerging all at once in the billions and even in the trillions, they ensure that even predators will be overwhelmed and fail to devour them all ,” says Floyd Shockley, entomologist. The invasion only lasts a few weeks; it is harmless to agricultural crops. But cicadas scare Americans and sometimes cause traffic accidents. 

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