United States: Child Takes Nuclear Weapons Command Twitter

A mysterious encrypted message appeared on the US Army Strategic Command’s Twitter account on Sunday, March 28. Conspiracy, nuclear code exposed or hacking? None of this in reality.

“; l ;; gmlxzssaw,” Here is the mysterious message that Internet users could read on the official Twitter account of the command in charge of the military control of the entire American nuclear arsenal, Sunday, March 28. The tweet was subsequently deleted. Is this a nuclear code, a Pentagon hack or a conspiracy ? None of this in reality.

Crypto enthusiasts will be disappointed when they learn the true origin of this cryptic message. It is indeed a simple gibberish, written by a child who seized the Twitter account of the army for a few minutes, the Stratcom told a reporter for the American media Daily Dot.  

“The head of  the Military Command Twitter account  , who was telecommuting, left the account open and unattended for a few moments. Her young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keyboard and, unfortunately, and without realizing it, published the tweet, “detailed a spokesperson for Stratcom in a statement.  
“Absolutely nothing bad has happened, meaning no hacking of our Twitter account,” he added. 

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