United States: Arkansas enacts virtual abortion ban

In this American state, women will no longer be able to have recourse to voluntary termination of pregnancy, even in cases of rape or incest.

The US state of Arkansas passed a law on Tuesday, March 9, prohibiting abortion even in cases of rape or incest . The only exception provided for in the text promulgated in this state, known for its Christian conservatism, is to “save the life of the mother in a medical emergency,” announced its governor, Asa Hutchinson. He says he ratified this law, which should not come into force before the summer, because of his “sincere beliefs” against abortion.

For the past twenty years, the states of the south and the center of the country have increased the number of restrictive laws on abortion , for example imposing a width for the corridors leading to operating theaters, forcing many clinics to close their doors.

With this law in Arkansas, opponents of abortion (abortion) hope to grow to a reversal of the Supreme Court of the  United States  which, in 1973, said that the Americans had a right to abortion. This would allow each state to do what it wants and would further increase territorial inequalities. “The purpose of this law is to prepare the ground for the Supreme Court to overturn current case law,” the governor of Arkansas said in a statement.

The temple of American law has been firmly anchored to the right since  the appointment by Donald Trump of a conservative judge , a few days before his defeat in the presidential election.

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