United States: a record 107 births in 91 hours in a maternity hospital

107 babies were born at a hospital in Texas, United States, between June 24-28. This feat could be linked to the pandemic.

A new birth record. According to information from  Good Morning America  reported by  Slate , 107 babies were born at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Texas, United States in just 91 hours, between June 24 and June 28. This is double the last record for this maternity hospital accustomed to the influx of births, which was 48 births in 41 hours.

According to the staff of the establishment, this new feat, considered “rare and exceptional”, would be linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Michelle Stemley, nurse and midwife at Bylor Scott & White, “In the spring of 2020, when we were first confined, we all wondered if in December or January of the following year, we was going to have a  baby boom . But that didn’t happen. ” According to the midwife and her colleagues, the future parents would be more serene about the health situation, “now that quarantine has been normalized”.

To cope with these many births, the hospital has had to adapt. One of the solutions found was to speed up the process of transporting mothers after  childbirth .
According to obstetrician-gynecologist Dr Jay Herd, this baby boom is not an isolated event and it predicts an increase in births linked to the epidemic: “I don’t think it will stop. at eight months, we will see a demographic increase “.

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