UFOs: the American report that maintains the mystery

At the request of the US Congress, the Pentagon has investigated unexplained phenomena, which could be likened to UFOs. New York Times reporters had access to the report.

It was the US Congress that requested a UFO report . Incidents have been reported by US Army pilots, as well as scientists. Between 2014 and 2015, American pilots observed mysterious flying objects on their radars. We see them commenting on them live in a video. “What is that thing? It rotates, oh my God!” exclaims a pilot.

An investigation of 120 cases

In 2019, the Pentagon does not know how to identify other flying objects on pictures. Images yet taken very seriously. In total, he has investigated 120 cases, such as that of an object filmed at high altitude and which suddenly disappears. New York Times reporters had access to the report. “They ruled out the hypothesis that these things seen by the pilots were secret US military programs ,  reports Julien Barne, reporter for the New York Times.

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