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Mia Khalifa has slammed an Indian fan for getting a tattoo of her face on their leg, calling it “awful.”

Indian Fan Gets Mia Khalifa's Face Tattooed

There is no better way to show how much you respect and like someone than to get their name tattooed on your body. The act of getting a tattoo on one’s face is so extreme that it defies description. When a Mia Khalifa fan got a tattoo of her face on his legs, it was an example of this kind of thing. An Indian tattoo artist known as “tattoo artist 01” posted the footage on his Instagram account. At the opening of the film, a picture of Mia emerges on the tablet’s screen. Next, the focus shifts to the person removing the foam from the tattoo to reveal the completed artwork.

The actress, who had previously appeared in pornographic films, was intrigued by the video and shared it on Instagram Stories. The tattoo artist, on the other hand, was a little surprised by the outcome of the encounter. She then posted the video with the caption: “Please use the word sike. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. She then went on to expound on her feelings about the tattoo by using an emoji of a dizzy face to show how she felt.

Indian Fan Gets Mia Khalifa's Face Tattooed On Leg,

In spite of Mia’s disapproval, the fan artist who had Mia’s face tattooed on his or her body seemed unaffected. He thanked her in a subsequent post for the one million views that the video had garnered. He thanked Mia Khalifa and his Instagram fans for the four million views in a following post that read, “Thank you very much.”

This isn’t the first time Mia has run upon a fan with a tattoo of one of her designs. Following the ink-up of another one of Mia’s fans in 2018, the singer shared a photo of the tattoo with a statement that read: “Do Not Ink My Image Upon Your Skin! This is not at all flattering; it’s downright creepy.

A picture of Mia’s face is featured in the tattoo as her trademark eyewear. Her glasses were auctioned off following the Beirut bombing of the previous year and the earnings were donated in support of the victims and their families. The spectacles sold for $100,000, or around Rs 73 lakhs. In addition, she had already donated a total of Rs. 1.17 crore, or $160,000, from her OnlyFans account to organisations that are important to her.

Indian Fan Gets Mia Khalifa's Face Tattooed On Leg, She Calls it 'Terrible'

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