Israel / Palestine: two-state solution, “only answer” possible, says Joe Biden

The American president was speaking the day after the announcement of a fragile ceasefire in Gaza.

US President Joe Biden said Friday, May 21, that the two-state solution was “the only answer” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , during a press conference at the White House.

“There is no change in my commitment to the security of Israel, period. No change at all ”, assured Joe Biden, who spoke on the occasion of the visit of the South Korean president.

“The change is that we still need a two state solution. This is the only solution ”, continued the Democratic president, the day after the announcement of a fragile ceasefire putting a temporary end to eleven days of clashes between the Hebrew state and the Islamist movement Hamas , which controls the Gaza Strip.

The American president also announced his intention to set up “major” financial aid with the help of the international community to “rebuild Gaza” but “without giving Hamas the opportunity to rebuild its weapons system”.

Antony Blinken to visit Middle East “in the next few days”

“I let the Israelis know that I considered it very important that they put an end to these clashes in Jerusalem between communities which are the work of extremists on both sides,” added Joe Biden.

The violence that has erupted in mixed towns in Israel and East Jerusalem is mainly due to threats to evict Palestinian families for the benefit of Jewish settlers.

The head of the American diplomacy Antony Blinken will visit the Middle East “in the coming days”, announced Thursday the Department of State, after the announcement of the ceasefire.  

Despite the truce, new clashes broke out this Friday between Palestinian faithful and Israeli police on the Mosques Esplanade, the third holiest site of Islam, in East Jerusalem, a Palestinian sector occupied by Israel, leaving about twenty wounded among them. Palestinians.

Since May 10, violence has left more than 243 dead on the Palestinian side, including 66 children, and 12 on the Israeli side, including a 6-year-old Israeli child and a 16-year-old Arab Israeli teenager and her father.

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