In the United States, the camera-pedestrian avoids overflows, but is not a miracle recipe

American police officers have already used the pedestrian camera widely and for several years.

In the United States, hand-held police cameras became widespread about twelve years ago.  “It was under Barack Obama, but they have existed in the United States for twenty years , recalls Agnès Vahramian , France television correspondent in Washington.    Today, 60% of police officers must wear them when they are on duty ” .

The case of George Floyd

Studies regarding their use are rather old, but positive.  They would influence the behavior of citizens, who would tend to be more polite.  The police would be half the violence.  So, logically, complaints against police officers have also decreased .  “However, this is not the miracle recipe. The agent who killed George Floyd in Minneapolis was carrying a camera.  This did not prevent him from putting his knee on the throat of the black father and suffocating him, ” recalls the journalist.

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