In the United States, Al Jazeera to launch “Rightly”, a conservative platform

A few years ago, the Qatari group tried to establish itself across the Atlantic with a continuous news channel which had failed to attract viewers.

MEDIA – Qatar’s Al Jazeera television announced on Tuesday February 23 its intention to launch a center-right digital platform in the United States, a few years after the failure of a continuous news channel project in the same country.

Based in the United States, “Rightly” will be a “new platform that will create content for audiences under-represented in the current media environment,” Al Jazeera said in a statement.

A low-key launch will be with a studio interview led by libertarian radio and television host Stephen Kent and will be available on social media on February 25, Al Jazeera adds. No date has been given for the official launch of the platform.

Fox News alumnus for editor

“We hope to create a platform that amplifies the voices of a multitude of personalities that more accurately reflect (…) the racial, cultural and generational diversity of center-right politics in the United States”, explains the editor in head of “Rightly”, Scott Norvell.

Scott Norvell helped launch Fox News in 1996.

Al Jazeera America, launched with fanfare in 2013 and with big money, had to close in 2016, having only managed to attract a very small audience.

The channel nevertheless maintained a journalistic presence in the United States as well as a branch of AJ + which produces short films intended for consumption on social networks and has millions of subscribers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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