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Harry and Meghan: bones of young Native American found near their home

The centuries-old remains of a Native American were unearthed on May 24, a few meters from the royal couple’s estate in Santa Barbara.

It’s an archaeological find that Harry and Meghan weren’t expecting. As the Daily Mail tabloid reports , the bones of a young Native American “dating back several centuries” were unearthed a few yards from their property in Santa Barbara, United States. 

As the Daily Mail specifies  , the bones were discovered on May 24 during the landscaping around the road to Montecito (California), specifies the sheriff of Santa Barbara. An anthropologist was recruited to investigate and determine when the bones of the young Native American were dated 

The landscaping work has since stopped while the Native American commission determines the next steps for the examination of the body. According to preliminary research findings, it must have belonged to the Chumash people, “because we lived in the region at the time,” said the spokeswoman for the Amerindian commission.

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