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Mindy Kaling has expressed concern over the lack of a father figure in her children’s lives.

Mindy Kaling says she worries about her children growing up without a father

In a new interview with Meghan Markle, Mindy Kaling discussed her children’s lack of a father role.

The writer and actor appeared on the third episode of the Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast, which was released on Tuesday (6 September).

Along with talking about Meghan’s ideal wedding, how she felt when she was told she was “fortunate” to marry Prince Harry, and Hollywood’s double standards, Kaling admitted that she occasionally feels “emotional” about the fact that she never married.

Why Not Me?, her 2015 memoir, was discussed. “Why am I not the person who got married?” Kaling asks. You know, and I think that’s more difficult to discuss. I’m still looking into it. It makes me teary.”

The 43-year-old also discussed her personal relationship with her father. ” I’d love for my… My father and I have a wonderful relationship. He is, you know, since we are so dissimilar. But he’s like, he’s everything to me.

“I know that would be extremely beneficial for my children, knowing that they had a father.” It wasn’t our lot in life, you know, our family’s lot. And I think about it with wistfulness and worry, like, “What will they think about it when they’re older?”

Kaling has two children, a four-year-old girl named Katherine and a two-year-old son named Spencer.

Kaling has kept her children’s father’s identity confidential since their birth, but she stressed in the podcast that she is not in a relationship.

It was previously speculated that Kaling’s long-time friend and The Office co-star BJ Novak could be the father of her children, although neither side has confirmed this.

In August, Kaling responded to rumours that Novak was her children’s father, saying, “It doesn’t concern me.” [Novak] is the godparent to both of my children, and they have such a beautiful bond, and so far [the rumours haven’t] harmed my happiness, my children, or BJ. If that’s what people find titillating, I’ll take it.”

Kaling also stated that she wants her children to be mature enough for her to discuss their father with them before revealing anything publicly.

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