Fires: North America under fire

Thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes Thursday, July 22 to escape particularly violent fires in the western United States and Canada.

Heavy fires hit the United States and Canada . The inhabitants are in spite of themselves in the front row and must leave their homes for their safety. “My daughter and I just had time to grab what we could and we fled. We made it out alive, that’s all that matters,” said  one of them. them. Many Americans are uninsured and the state generally pays no compensation as fires are currently affecting sparsely populated areas.

13 states hit by flames

13 states are affected by the flames in the western United States as well as Canada while the security services are at work. The firefighters benefit from air support to counter the flames that may have been set off by prohibited fireworks or power lines blown by the winds. “There is absolutely no doubt that climate change is at work before our eyes,” said Oregon Governor Kate Brown as drought fuels the flames to escalate each year.

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