Disappearance of Gabrielle Petito: why her boyfriend is actively wanted

The boyfriend of the missing young American has been missing since mid-September. Significant means have been put in place to find him, while several elements attest to significant tensions in the couple.

The investigation continues after the disappearance of the young American traveler Gabrielle Petito in circumstances which still remain murky. On Sunday, a body matching the 22-year-old’s description was found in a Wyoming national park. An identification was still in progress on Tuesday. 

Originally from Florida,  “Gabby” Petito had left New York in July with her companion Brian Laundrie, 23, for a “road trip” in a van supposed to last four months . First surprise in this affair which has several: on September 1, Brian Laundrie returns alone with the van to Florida. Eleven days later, the family of the young American reports her disappearance, saying they have not heard from her since the end of August.

New twist last week: the fiancé disappears in his turn. His parents reported him to the police on September 17, several days after his departure. “The lawyer for the Laundrie family called FBI investigators Friday night indicating that the family wanted to talk about their son’s disappearance,” police said. 

Where did Brian Laundrie go?

Officially, the young man, who refused to cooperate with investigators, is not a suspect, only “a person of interest”. “He is not wanted for a crime,” said the police, who say so far treat Brian’s disappearance after Gabrielle’s as “a case of multiple disappearances.” 

Legal representatives for Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of a North Port woman who went missing while the couple was in the middle of a cross-country trip, said he and his family are “remaining in the background” while searches get underway near the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito and Laundrie – who police have not identified in relation to the case, but legal representatives for his family identified Tuesday afternoon  – were driving a converted camper van from Florida to New York and then to national parks out west when Gabrielle went missing.

North Port police joined the investigation, assisting agencies across multiple states to find out what happened to her now that her boyfriend and the van were located Saturday at his North Port family home.

North Port police confirmed Tuesday morning that Gabby’s boyfriend was not cooperating with the investigation and did not identify him by name. FOX 13 News has confirmed his identity through a press release from Steven P. Bertolino, P.C., of Bertolino Law in Long Island, New York.

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