Afghanistan: United States and United Kingdom call on their nationals to leave the territory immediately

After the capture of two provincial capitals by the Taliban, nationals of the United States and the United Kingdom are called to leave the country, because they cannot guarantee their safety.

After London, Washington is worried about the fate of its citizens. “In view of the security conditions and reduced numbers” in Afghanistan, the United States Embassy in Kabul on Saturday, August 7 urged all its nationals to leave the country immediately using the commercial flight options available.

A “worsening security situation”

In that communication , the embassy argued that given the situation, its ability to “assist US citizens in Afghanistan” has become “extremely limited” . An explanation similar to that given the day before by the British Foreign Office. On its website, it called on its national citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately because of the “worsening security situation” as fighting with the Taliban escalates in the country.

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