Afghanistan: the United States pays tribute to the soldiers killed

After the suicide attack on Thursday, August 26, which killed at least 13 American soldiers, Washington claims to have shot down a Daesh target with a drone, while the country mourns its heroes. 

The emotion is high in the United States. American soldiers, sometimes very young, were killed during the suicide bombing, Thursday, August 26, in Kabul (Afghanistan). Their photos are in the American media. Among the victims, David Espinoza, 20, from Texas, arrived in Kabul less than a week ago. “He was a great boy, we are really proud of him” , testifies his stepfather.

Joe Biden criticized on the management of the troops

At least 13 American servicemen and more than a hundred Afghans were killed in the attack of the Islamic State . Some families blame Joe Biden for mismanaging the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The White House spokeswoman says the president is ready to answer them. The United States must stop the evacuations on Tuesday, August 31. After the attack, Washington allegedly shot down a Daesh target using a drone.

Thirteen American troops were among the nearly 200 people killed in an attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Thursday.

A detonation set off by an ISIS-K suicide bomber near the airport’s Abbey Gate amid evacuation efforts killed at least 170 Afghans, including several children, as well as two Brits and a child of a British citizen, according to Afghan and British officials.

President Joe Biden called the U.S. service members killed in the attack “heroes who have been engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others.”

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