Afghanistan: “On the ground, with women, the Taliban behave as 25 years ago”

Karim Pakzad , researcher at Iris, specialist in Afghanistan, is the guest of Franceinfo 11pm on Sunday July 4.

” The Taliban are back, of course, but there is still a long way to go before they return to power.  They have embarked on a military offensive since they are sure the Americans will leave and that they will leave Afghanistan. in the hands of a weak government.  Among the some 400 districts of the country, they claim 150 “ , details Karim Pakzad , researcher at Iris, guest of franceinfo Sunday July 4th.

” The Taliban are divided into several factions.  Those who negotiated with the Americans are quite presentable. There is a huge gap between the Taliban who negotiate and their troops on the ground.  With women and minorities, these behave. exactly the same way as 25 years ago, ”he emphasizes.  ” Women, city dwellers, educated people feel threatened and alone” .

France powerless

” The Americans have failed militarily and politically, in terms of the rebuilding of a state. Biden  opposed the policy of Barack Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan when he was vice president.  He is coherent, because he was against this war “ , recalls this specialist in Afghanistan.

” All foreign forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11.  France does not have the means to influence the situation.  It only represented 3 to 4% of NATO personnel” , concludes Karim Pakzad .

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