Afghanistan: Joe Biden assumes his decision to “leave”

Joe Biden spoke Monday August 16 on the reconquest of Afghanistan by the Taliban.    The US president conceded that it happened faster than expected, but he has come to terms with his decision to leave the country.

Several times in his speech from the White House on Monday August 16, Joe Biden   repeated that he took responsibility for his decision: “I have learned from the mistakes of the past.  There are no good times to leave”. He was firm and straight in his boots: ” It is my decision, the mission has been accomplished, it is time to leave”.  “We did whatever it took to give Afghanistan the means to defend itself against the Taliban, but we could not give the Afghan army the will to fight,” he said.

Diplomatic support

The President  É the United States will repatriate so sure Americans are still in Kabul and testified vis-à-vis veterans empathy.  He further claimed that he would not send Americans back to sacrifice themselves.  He assured that America would not let down Afghanistan and that he would continue to support it through other means, including diplomacy, before going on vacation again.

US President Joe Biden acknowledged on Monday August 16 that Afghanistan fell “faster than expected” into the hands of the Taliban, but he firmly defends his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. “The truth is, this all happened faster than we expected,” he admitted during a speech from the White House. Joe Biden defended the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying it was time to leave after 20 years of conflict. “I am the President of the United States of America and in the end it is I who assumes” , he declared in a televised address, after several days of silence.

He does not “regret”. Joe Biden , the target of sharp criticism after the fall of Kabul , “firmly defended” on Monday his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan in a short speech. About twenty minutes is the time that the American president devoted to a highly anticipated speech, after several days of silence.

Without answering the questions of the journalists gathered at the White House, he then returned to Camp David, the resort of the American presidents, where he had been on vacation since Friday and from where he had returned only on Monday in mid -daytime.

“I am deeply saddened by the situation, but I do not regret”

“I am the President of the United States and in the end it is I who assume. I am deeply saddened by the situation, but I do not regret” the decision to withdraw by August 31 the American forces from Afghanistan , where they have been fighting for twenty years, he said. “After 20 years, I reluctantly learned that there is never a good time to withdraw US forces,” said the US president.

As the Taliban’s meteoric takeover and scenes of chaos at Kabul airport stunned the world, the US military’s commander-in-chief barely conceded that “it all happened faster than us. hadn’t planned it. ” For Joe Biden, the United States has given the Afghan army “all options” possible, investing heavily in its equipment and training. “It’s difficult and messy and, yes, it’s far from perfect, but I kept my promise” to bring back the last American soldiers, assured the president.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never meant to build a nation”

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never meant to build a nation. It was never meant to create a centralized unified democracy,” said the Democratic president, adding that the single goal “remains today. and has always been to prevent a terrorist attack on American soil “.

“US forces cannot, and should not, wage a war and die in a war that Afghan forces are unwilling to fight for themselves,” he said, assuming to be critical”. And criticized, the 78-year-old Democrat is, as never since his election, by all the American media, including those who had welcomed with relief his arrival at the head of state. “Whether we find it fair or unfair, history will remember that Joe Biden is the one who presided over the humiliating conclusion of the American experience in Afghanistan,” the New York Times said Monday .

Faced with the reigning chaos, the tenant of the White House however threatened the Taliban on Monday with reprisals if the latter were to disrupt the evacuation operations underway at Kabul airport. In the event of an attack, the response will be “swift and powerful,” Biden said, vowing to defend US nationals with “devastating use of force if necessary”. The United States will continue to stand up for the “women and girls” of Afghanistan also promised Monday Joe Biden, calling the scenes in Afghanistan “heartbreaking”.

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