Victoria Beckham addresses marriage rumours after removing her David tattoo

Refuting reports that their marriage is in jeopardy, Victoria Beckham has covered up a tattoo of her husband’s initials.

For cosmetic reasons, the former Spice Girl had several tattoos erased, including one of her football star husband’s initials from her wrist.

Victoria explained her decision to get rid of her tattoos to Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Thursday’s (13 October) episode of the Today show in the United States.

Just not attractive, she said. As the saying goes, “That’s all it means.

The media, I believe, began to wonder whether or not I was about to divorce my husband. It wasn’t that I was opposed to tattoos per such, but rather that I had become tired of looking at them. It really is that easy.

Victoria enjoys tattoos and has nothing but admiration for David and her “beautiful” tattooed children. However, she recently revealed that part of her earlier ink has begun to bleed and develop a “kind of bluey” colour.

A very long time ago, I got these tattoos. And they weren’t delicate,” she said.

Fans had noted that Victoria’s “DB” wrist tattoo had faded significantly after she shared a video on Instagram demonstrating different shades of makeup.

Victoria also discussed David’s attendance at last month’s viewing of Queen Elizabeth II’s casket, when she revealed that he waited in line.

The former England captain spent nearly 14 hours in the public queue rather than utilising the expedited line for members of parliament and journalists to view the Queen’s lying-in-state.

A quote from Victoria: “It was something that he genuinely wanted to do.” she said to Kotb and Guthrie. And now he is overjoyed because he actually done it. What he went through, he claimed, is difficult for him to put into words. As a matter of fact, it meant a great deal to him.

Involved: David and Victoria Beckham

Instagram post by Victoria Beckham.

Victoria and David have been married for 23 years, and she just shared the key to their long and happy union.

In an interview with Grazia published in anticipation of her upcoming wedding anniversary in July, the designer credited “so much respect” for each other as the secret to a successful and fulfilling partnership.

She gushed about how wonderful her hubby is and how he is always encouraging her to pursue her goals.

We work well together,” Victoria remarked.

A charity football match held in the Manchester United players’ lounge in 1997 was the setting for the couple’s first encounter.

“It was love at first sight,” Victoria said of the initial encounter. Brooklyn, now 23, Romeo, now 19, Cruz, now 17, and Harper, now 10.

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