People share their greatest and worst 2022 dates on TikTok’s ‘Dating Wrapped’ trend

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As the year 2022 winds down, people are reflecting on the moments that made them smile, cry, grow, or groan. That includes going on dates, by the way.

As part of a new trend popularized on TikTok, people are creating home-made slideshows to detail their intimate and romantic experiences from the past year.

The term “Dating Wrapped” has been coined to describe the current fad in which singles reflect on both their most memorable and most embarrassing dates from the past year. This new pattern is like Spotify Wrapped in that it presents users with a year-end recap of their listening habits.

Users of the video sharing platform TikTok are filmed giving PowerPoint-style presentations with self-reported data. This pattern is easy to understand. Those interested in joining in on the craze can create a free, fun image-filled presentation on Canva. The number of first dates, where they met their dates, what they did on the date, and how many dates they’ve had with a specific person are all examples of the kinds of data that can be collected.

Some respondents went even further and listed the total number of people they had broken up with and cried over in the preceding year. It was done to liven things up a bit.

Over 24 million people have watched videos with the datingwrapped hashtag on TikTok. Enjoy some of the most viral Dating Wrapped videos to ever hit TikTok.

On December 2nd, a user by the name of Alexandria McLean uploaded a slideshow called Dating Wrapped, which quickly became a trend. This year she went on 21 dates, with 66 percent of them being with people she met through the dating app Bumble and 33 percent through Hinge.

A large percentage of her dates were first dates, and she reports that after they ended, she “never saw them again.” She specifically mentioned that “We do not cry over boys” in a stat highlighting the fact that she had only cried over two of her dates. Only two of her dates this year made her cry, but she was quick to add out that 19 percent of her suitors ended things.

Not long after, fellow TikToker Natalie Gotko posted her own cover of “Dating Wrapped” on the app. She began the presentation by saying that she had been on 22 dates this year, a number she attributed in part to her recent split and move to a new city.

Most of the people Natalie knew she met through dating apps; but, she did know two people she met “in the wild,” i.e., in real life, outside of the internet. A rare occurrence of the wild is still possible, she remarked.

Chris Olsen, whose PowerPoint presentation on “dating wrapped” received six million views, is responsible for many of the most widely shared videos associated with the hashtag. Olsen even went as far as to create a scatter chart for his dating life, in which he compared “dateability” to “hotness.”

Every Dating Wrapped presentation must include a slide captioned “number of boys he processed with his therapist.” The performance would be lacking without it.

The TikTok user @danniedupone attracted 1.6 million views for her “queer version” of her dating year, which featured the zodiac signs of all of her exes. Until then.

Many people’s romantic lives in 2022 were undoubtedly eventful, but the Dating Wrapped trend on TikTok can serve as a useful reminder to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the following year. or put it into action; the presentation of the outcomes in 2023 will be fascinating.

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