Ranvir Singh on his 18-year age difference with Louis Church: ‘It’s a complete joy.’

Ranvir Singh, a TV host, has discussed the age difference between her and her boyfriend, Louis Church, of whom she has been with for 18 years.

The 45-year-old anchor of Good Morning Britain and the 27-year-old Church first crossed paths in 2020, when she was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing and he was a production secretary.

Singh has a son named Tushaan, who is ten years old, from her former marriage to Ranjeet Singh Dehal. After getting married in 2012, they decided to separate in 2020, just before she was set to compete on Strictly.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Singh was asked about Church’s youth and he responded by saying that age is not a measure of maturity.

When asked about the age gap, neither of us ever made light of it. The truth is that there is no correlation between someone’s age and how good they are as a person. “There are total gits your age who are exactly the same as you,” Singh added.

Having more years under your belt doesn’t always equate to having life figured out; “age can define life experience,” after all, and the value of that experience depends on what you do with it.

Singh remarked that “being 27 is not reflective” of whether or not someone is a good relationship, and that there may be guys in their 50s who have “no clue about how to be a decent partner.”

True story: at age 27, I was definitely far less mature than Louis is now. There are some aspects of being a decent human being at which he excels more than I do. And he is a source of education for me. Accordingly, I find it really satisfying.

When asked about her reluctance to introduce her kid to a new partner if she felt the relationship wasn’t “genuine, sincere, and authentic,” Singh responded that she and her boyfriend had been careful in the beginning stages of their courtship.

“I think that for plenty of individuals who meet someone when they are already a parent, there probably is a much higher bar,” Singh said.

It’s very hazardous, and I think that’s why a lot of single parents choose to remain single for a long time. The bond you share with your child is sacred to you, and you guard it fiercely.

That’s something most people have experienced, in my opinion. However, I believe I have discovered a little bit of magic, and that the entire Strictly staff is overjoyed.

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