Meet the couple who met at Heathrow Airport and fell in love.

Twenty months after meeting in the airport’s departure lounge, a couple who fell in love there got married and had a baby.

Tremaine Osei-Adjei and Nana started chatting as they waited for their respective flights in December 2019.

Nana, 40, was going to Ghana for his father’s 70th birthday and his brother’s engagement, while Tremaine, 29, was at the airport about to take a plane to Tennessee to visit her brother.

She was “minding my own business and having some food” when Nana allegedly approached her in the airport.

“He assumed I had a husband or was travelling with someone else,” Tremaine said.

But after watching me for a few minutes, he noticed that I was alone in the room.

Nana, a corporate director, struck up a lengthy conversation with Tremaine, and then took her to one of the airport’s lounges for a glass of champagne, to which he had access because he was flying first class.

Tremaine noted that she was “a bit reluctant” to talk to stranger guys in general, but she found herself opening up to Nana.

I asked him whether he had been married before because he is 11 years older than me (at the time we met, he was 37 and I was 26).

She said, “When he was about to board his aircraft, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and uploaded a picture of us in the airport on his WhatsApp.”

They kept in touch while on separate journeys by exchanging contact information and exchanging messages.

They planned to have their first date in the West Midlands upon their return to the UK in the new year of 2020. On February 20, 2020, they made the decision to begin dating.

On February 21, 2021, after a full year after she and Tremaine first started dating, Nana popped the question in front of her family.

The attitude and recovery coach said her grandfather proposed while the couple was staying at her parents’ house.

“He drew me aside and said, ‘I love you,’ got down on one knee, and took the ring out,” she recalled.

The couple tied the knot in an old-fashioned ceremony on August 7, 2021, in Tremaine’s hometown of Wolverhampton.

The rest of Nana’s family came over from Ghana, and Tremaine’s brother flew in from the States.

When asked where they had tied the knot, she revealed that it was the same church where her parents had tied the knot in Dudley.

Zacharia was born to Tremaine and her husband in the beginning of this year.

When they first met at Heathrow Airport, she recalled, “I felt really protected and I knew he was somebody I could trust,” despite the fact that Nana was a complete stranger to her.

We were simply asking each other the sorts of probing questions about marriage and faith that generally come up on the fifth or sixth date.

I met this great guy at the airport and texted my mom to tell her about it, and he called his brother and said, “I think I’ve met my wife.”

When asked about his feelings toward Tremaine, Nana recalled being “extremely captivated” and thinking she was “wonderful, stunning, very attractive”

Something told me, “If you don’t talk to her before you go on the plane, you’ll always regret not having the chance to meet this woman.”

When asked about their first encounter, he stated, “When I tell people how we met, they say it’s like a movie.

I’m never tired of telling this tale; my wife and I truly believe it was fated. The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew there was something unique about her.

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