Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati, of Love Is Blind, have broken up.

The relationship between Love Is Blind actors Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams has ended, just a few days after it was reported that the two were romantically involved.

After the Altar, the second season of the dating show spin-off series, became available on Netflix on Friday (16 September).

Because Abrams was seen telling Vempati that he wanted to start a “real relationship” with her during the premiere, the rumours that the two stars were romantically involved were shown to be true.

Abrams conveyed to Vempati his desire to maintain a “exclusive” status.

“Are we really going to put this to the test?” After hearing what Vempati had to say, Abrams responded, “Yeah, fine. I would like to.”

Fans of the show praised the couple’s decision to get married, with many of them referring to it as the “true love story of the season.”

However, Abrams has stated on multiple occasions thereafter that the affair was just fleeting.

Abrams stated that the relationship had ended some months earlier in a post that she published on Instagram on Monday (19 September).

“I am aware that many of you are interested in knowing where Deepti and I are at this point in time. Since we had finished filming After the Altar, we had decided to move in different directions at the beginning of the summer,” Abrams stated.

“We would want to express our gratitude to everyone who has followed our journey through challenging and vulnerable times and who has supported us along the way.”

Abrams also mentioned that he had moved on from Vempati at this point.

He provided an explanation, saying, “Since then, I’ve started a new relationship that I plan to keep quiet for the time being.” Regarding what lies ahead in the future, I have no idea what to expect. Going forward, I want to make a point of living in the here and now, without harbouring any regrets.

Although it was stated that production for the second season of Love is Blind took place between April and June of 2021, it is thought that filming for After the Altar occurred sometime between the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

Vempati has not yet provided a statement regarding the breakup of the couple.

In an interview that took place after the release of After the Altar with People, J. J. Abrams revealed that, at first, he was afraid to get romantically involved with Vempati because he didn’t want to risk jeopardising their friendship.

Abrams offered an explanation, saying, “I’ve been in the situation where you start dating your best friend and then you break up.”

You can’t really see that person anymore because it wouldn’t be fair to the person you’re going to end up with in the future. It is not acceptable for my current girlfriend to socialise with her previous partner in any capacity. It’s not cool to do that. No one, in my opinion, would find that appealing.

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