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John Legend speaks out about his wife Chrissy Teigen’s miscarriage in 2020.

John Legend opens up about wife Chrissy Teigen’s 2020 miscarriage

In 2020, John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen had a miscarriage, and he has spoken out about it.

Although he and his wife are “broken in some way,” the musician, now 43, stated the couple is “stronger” because of the miscarriage.

Legend, who is expecting another child with Teigen after the tragic loss of their son Jack two years ago, opened up about their experience in a recent profile in The New Yorker.

Because “we were broken in some way by it,” he said, “holding each other together and supporting one other through it made us stronger, going through this together.” The process “has a way of forging you,” as the saying goes.

A miscarriage was confirmed by Teigen in October of 2020.

After assuring her followers that both she and the baby were well, the model and TV host was rushed to the hospital after she began bleeding heavily during her pregnancy.

But a few days later, Teigen announced the loss of their third child, writing in a social media post, “We are horrified and in the kind of profound anguish you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before.”

He was reportedly uncomfortable discussing his private life in such a public forum, according to legend. Nonetheless, he understood the significance of his wife doing so in order to shatter the stigma associated with miscarriages.

What it did was open up more of a discourse among individuals who were scared to disclose that type of data, who felt guilty if they lost a pregnancy, Legend said, adding that it was “not only the honest thing to do.”

Legend stated this about Teigen’s pregnancy: “I’m not anticipating filling the hole that we felt when we lost Jack.

A new person to love and bring joy into their life was what he was hoping for, he said. Although we will always remember Jack with sadness, we will move forward with our lives, loving and laughing as much as possible.

Together, Teigen and Legend have raised two children, Luna and Miles, over their nearly ten years of marriage.

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