In May, a woman claims she informed Ned Fulmer’s wife Ariel that he was cheating.

One of Ned Fulmer’s ex-girlfriends on TikTok claims she spotted him out to dinner with another woman in May.

Earlier this week, rumours began circulating that Ned had cheated on his girlfriend Ariel with a coworker, prompting him to resign from his position at the prominent YouTube channel.

In an Instagram post, he acknowledged having an extramarital affair and announced his departure from the band.

He said that he had “lost track” of his goals and that he had been involved in a “open and honest” relationship at work. Ned said, “Right now, the only things that important to me are my marriage and my children.”

After a video of Ned and Alexandra Herring apparently kissing at a pub in New York City went viral, fans began to speculate that Ned had cheated on his wife with Herring.

Besides starring in Food Babies, Herring is an associate producer for The Try Guys.

A TikTok artist has come forward to say that in May, she observed two persons that resembled Ned and Herring at a restaurant in California.

@brieeezybaby, a user on the social media app TikTok, uploaded a video she shot at the Castaway restaurant in Burbank.

She filmed a man and a lady sitting next to each other at a table and speaking from across the restaurant.


The user reported that the male suspect looked like Ned and the female suspect looked like Herring down to their dark hair.

The inventor of TikTok also snapped photos of the two of them. She claimed that she told Ariel everything that was going on.

“I’m not sure the ins and outs of your marriage and I’m not trying to start anything,” she wrote to Ariel. But first, I need to know if this is really my spouse.

The developer of TikTok suggested that it could have been a “doppelganger” of Ned.

I noticed him hanging around with a young woman with black hair. She continued, “Again, I’m not trying to cause anything; I just wanted to provide clarity to you by showing you some films and images of them.”

On Wednesday evening (5 October), the same TikTok user posted a follow-up video in which she claimed that Ariel had ignored her messages.

The user admitted, “to be honest I didn’t know if it was him or not because there were some shrubs [in the way].

She first suspected Ariel had darkened her hair after seeing Ned with the mysterious woman with dark hair.

The user continued, “But then she turned her head, and I was like, ‘that’s not a white woman.

I wondered if perhaps Ned and Ariel had gotten a divorce, so I checked his Instagram to see if that was the case. The first status update I saw read, “I adore my wife, happy birthday mother of my children.”

On Instagram, Ariel has also commented on the controversy. On September 27th, she released a statement in which she expressed gratitude to those who had offered their well wishes.

Nothing matters more to me and Ned than our family, and at this time all we want is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our children, she said.

Ned Fulmer was asked for comment by The Independent.

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