Hailey Bieber claims she did not steal Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez.

In response to rumours, Hailey Bieber said she and Justin Bieber were never “romantically involved” throughout his time with Selena Gomez.

In July of 2018, Rhode Beauty’s founder, Nicole, proposed to Justin, and they tied the knot in September of 2019.

It came as a surprise to fans of all three stars when they announced their engagement less than six months after Justin had supposedly reconciled with Gomez.

Gomez went to Jamaica in February 2018 for the wedding of Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s father. In March of that year, Gomez appeared to indicate their romance was back on when she posted a birthday tribute to Justin on Instagram.

On the latest episode of the Call Me Daddy podcast, released on September 28th, Hailey explained that while she “understands” why the internet was unhappy at her engagement to Justin, there was no overlap between her and Tyga.

This “most healthy, mature decision he could make” to stop his connection with Gomez, the model and influencer added.

To be clear, “when he and I ever started hooking up or anything of that type,” Hailey said, “he was not ever in a relationship, ever.”

I’m not the kind of person who would intentionally disrupt a couple’s happiness; anyway, I was taught better than that in my upbringing. It was never something I was interested in doing, and I still am not.

After explaining that she knows breakups sometimes include “back and forth with someone,” Hailey clarified that this was not the case with Justin and Gomez.

I can categorically state that I never dated him while he was seeing another woman.

When asked about the backlash she’s received online for getting engaged so soon, Hailey revealed that she and Justin have been “connected” since she was 18.

And the timeframe of us getting together and him spending time with his ex before we got engaged is also often questioned,” Hailey said.

She spoke about her husband and Gomez, saying, “I know for a fact that it was the proper thing for them to close that door.” She acknowledged that the incident could have been misinterpreted from the outside.

“At the time, they were not dating, but there is, of course, a long history between them.”

It seems like Justin and Selena’s relationship has “closed a chapter” now that Hailey is engaged to him.

Getting engaged, married, and continuing one’s life in this manner is “the best thing that could have happened for him,” as said by Hailey.

A wiser, more responsible choice couldn’t have been made than the one he chose.

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