George Clooney makes a marriage joke to wife Amal: ‘And they said it wasn’t going to last!’

Ahead of his and Amal Clooney’s eighth wedding anniversary, George Clooney has given fans an insight into his relationship with his wife.

On Saturday, the couple attended History Talks 2022 in Washington, DC, where they posed for photos on the red carpet. George, 61, was dressed in a grey suit and black button-down shirt, and Amal, 44, donned a red jumpsuit with lace accents.

The Academy Award winner reflected on his eight years of marriage while chatting with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet. Incredulous: “Eight long years!” George added playfully, “And they said it wouldn’t last.

For George, the answer to the question of what has made his wife so special over the course of their eight years of marriage is simple: “Everything about my wife is sort of magical, as I think everybody has come to realise once they see her and hear her and hear what she stands for.”

He went on to say, “There’s absolutely not a downside to her.”

The couple will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Tuesday. They were married in a grandiose ceremony in Venice, Italy in 2014. They have twins, Alexander and Ella, who are five years old.

Amal Clooney, an international law and human rights attorney, was just named one of Time’s 12 Women of the Year for 2022. Clooney usually represents victims of genocide and sexual assault. Amal, who has spent her career fighting for human rights, said that her twins, now five years old, are the driving force behind her activism.

At the History Talks 2022 event on September 24 in Washington, DC, Amal and George Clooney were in attendance.

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Her response to the question of what she was doing in light of current events was quoted in an interview with Maria Ressa, a journalist who had previously won the Nobel Peace Prize.

She spoke candidly about her marriage to George, whom she referred to as her “great love,” and gushed about how happy she was with her husband.

“Marriage has been great,” Amal gushed. My husband is a tremendous source of motivation and encouragement, and our home is always full of joy and good times thanks to him. This is the greatest happiness I could have ever imagined. Thanks to being a mom and having found a wonderful partner, my life finally feels like it has some sort of equilibrium.

Meanwhile, George Clooney shared with ET the values he and Amal are trying to impart in their children as they grow up.

He urged us to “pay attention to other people.” It was always “Challenge people with power, defend people with less power” in my household. That’s the mark of a successful existence.

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